Engaging with objects

The word artefact is derived from the Latin terms ars or artis meaning skilled in joining, and factum meaning to make or do. Thus an artefact can be considered to mean any physical entity that is... » Find out more

Resources for the Journey

This booklet is produced by the Australian National University as a free educational resource. We gratefully acknowledge Monash University’s leading role in initiating Australian Journey and our... » Find out more

Teaching material

Like the best journeys, start at the beginning. An eight minute introduction will outline the focus and structure of all twelve episodes. Then you can complete the journey in any direction you want... » Find out more

Image attribution

Many of the images that appear on this Website are in the public domain but permissions have been sought where appropriate.  We gratefully acknowledge the following agencies, corporations and individuals:

Australian Bureau of Meteorology; Australian War Memorial; British Museum; Cascade Brewery; Fairfax Syndicate; Fryer Library, University of Queensland; Greenpeace; Human Rights Commission; Monash University, Rare Book Collection; Museum of Parliamentary Democracy, Canberra; National Archives of Australia; National Film and Sound Archives; National Gallery of Australia; National Gallery of Victoria; National Library of Australia; National Herbarium of Victoria; National Museum of Australia; Queensland Museum; Shutterstock; State Library of New South Wales; State Library of Victoria; State Library of Western Australia; Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery; Wakefield Press; Wendy McDougall; Wikimedia Commons.

We also thank Walmajarri and Wangkajunga peoples (via Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency) for their kind permission to reproduce images of Ngurrara 1.