Bonus interviews

Episode 1: Travelling Country in Conversation

Dr Shannon Faulkhead, Associate Professor John Bradley, Dr Susan Carland

Susan meets with two leading Indigenous scholars involved in the animation of Songlines.  Find out why so many Indigenous languages are under threat and attempts...

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Episode 2: Land of the Weird and Monstrous in Conversation

Dr Kathyrn Medlock, Dr George Main, Dr Susan Carland

Susan meets with two museum curators, one based in Tasmania’s Museum and Art Gallery, the other in Australia’s National Museum. They examine fascinating specimens of the...

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Episode 3: A Wide Brown Land in Conversation

Dr Ruth Morgan, Dr Susan Carland

On the hills overlooking Perth, Susan meets with one of Australia’s leading environmental historians.  They discuss the challenges of living in a dry and drying...

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Episode 4: Our Island Home in Conversation

Dr Ruth Morgan, Dr Susan Carland

Here we find Susan on the edges of the Daintree Forest, looking out across the waters of the Great Barrier Reef.  This interview introduces an expert on climate...

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Episode 5: Multicultural Mosaic in Conversation

Dr Susan Carland, Justice Julian Burnside AO QC

In this interview, Susan takes us into the classroom, introduces us to a leading human rights lawyer and confronts the vexed debate surrounding Australia’s immigration...

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Episode 6: Captivity Narratives in Conversation

Professor Raelene Frances, FASSA, Dr Susan Carland

In the historic setting of Hobart’s Female Factory, Susan unravels the complex stories of Australia’s convict settlers.  Meet one of Australia’s most highly...

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Episode 7: The Stolen Generations in Conversation

Professor Peter Read, Dr Susan Carland

Susan looks out on Melbourne’s Federation Square, one of the places where the National Apology was broadcast.  And there she meets the author of the phrase ‘The...

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Episode 8: An Australian Way of Life In Conversation

Dr Susan Carland, Dr Waleed Aly

Climb the heights of the MCG grandstand and join the conversation with one of Australia’s most engaging sports commentators.

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Episode 9: Encounters In Conversation

Dr Susan Carland, Mr Peter Yu

Join Susan in the First Australian Galleries of the National Museum and meet a highly respected leader of Australia’s Indigenous community.

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Episode 10: Creating a Nation In Conversation

Dr Susan Carland, Professor Jenny Hocking FASSA

Join Susan in the Centre for Australian Studies at Monash University in discussion with Gough Whitlam’s prize-winning biographer.

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Episode 11: Australia’s First Terrorist? In Conversation

Professor Frank Bongiorno, AM FASSA FAHA, Dr Susan Carland

Stroll the grounds of Australia’s National University and meet a historian versed in our country’s myths and icons.

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Episode 12: The Anzac Legend In Conversation

Dr Rebecca Wheatley, Professor Bruce Scates, FASSA

Walk the killing fields of the Great War and hear the fascinating story of Australia’s first Gallipoli pilgrim.

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